Irish Oak Whiskey Tumblers

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Inspired by the manufacturing process of whiskeys, Joe laird has developed a Sessile Oak Whiskey Tumbler. Toasted on the inside and shaped like a coopers barrel, the tumbler adopts the same methods used in the coopering and maturation process of whiskey making.

With the manufacturing time of one whiskey tumbler taking a little over five weeks, handcrafting each tumbler is obviously a labour of love for Joe laird. Each piece of wood is carefully selected and monitored closely for imperfections throughout the manufacturing process. Like in the coopering process, each piece must adhere to a set of specifications with regards to size, weight, thickness and colour. However, each piece of wood is a product of nature and, therefore, no two pieces will ever be the same. Each tumbler is a unique piece of art in its own right.

Oaky flavours

Putting the whiskey back into the oak from whence it came, enhances the the whiskey’s woody and vanilla flavours like no glass tumbler ever could. This is an experience that ever true whiskey enthusiast must try.

Hundreds of different flavour compounds have been identified in whisky. The synthesis and degradation and synergistic properties of these compounds is still poorly understood as there are so many aspects contributing to the result of cask maturation.
Oak cask affects whisky by extracting wood compounds that influence the taste directly or together with the spirit compounds or by removing or changing some compounds from the raw spirit.

– whiskyscience

It has been said that there are 5 specific constituents of Oak that influence maturing of a spirit:

Cellulose – Which has virtually no effect other than to hold the wood together.

Hemicellulose – Which consists of simple sugars that break down when heated and provide:
Body – through the addition of wood sugars “Toasty & carmelised aromas & flavors”.
Colour – (unaged or “new make” whisky is a clear liquid).

Lignin – The natural binding agent that holds the cellulose in wood together which, when heated yield: Vanillin (adds sweet, smoky and spice aromas).

Oak Tannins – Naturally occurring preservative compounds which play an essential role in maturation by enabling oxidation and the creation of delicate fragrance in spirits. Tannins combine with oxygen and other compounds in the spirit to form acetals over time.

Oak Lactones – Resulting from lipids in the Oak, they increase dramatically during toasting and charring and can pass on a strong woody and perhaps coconut character.


oak wood whiskey tumbler

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