Weekly Class – Level 2

*This is a continuation class from our beginner’s class – level 1.

As before this is a ten week structured course and consists of ten 2 hour lessons based over eleven weeks. We will stop for one week due to mid term break. Most of our classes run alongside VEC time tables so we make every effort to follow their school closure times also. 

In this class we will be working a lot more with the skew chisel and you will produce one or two items made with this tool only. Its good fun and will give you great encouragement when you see the finish that can be achieved with the skew chisel.

Now we will start on bowl turning, covering basic design, where the bowl comes from in the tree and why, preparing bowl blanks and holding them on the lathe safely.
We will make two small bowls on this course and both will start out as identical bowl blanks. After you complete your first bowl we will start the second bowl immediately and we will play with a new design for this one. You will be amazed at how well a simple little design on this bowl will alter the appearance and change this bowl completely. All bowls on this course are finished with oils that are food safe and can be used in the home if required.

At this stage you should have built up good confidence on the lathe and have good tool control with your wood turning tools. We will now make a lidded box which is a very exciting and challenging project. Again we will go through all the ifs, buts’, and why’s etc and we will complete the project by week 10 bringing this course to its end.

All materials and equipment are provided for on this course; if you have some wood turning tools of your own you should bring them along and use them if you wish.
Full face shields are provided and must be worn at all times even if you have eye glasses.

Fee (€) : 300 

Duration : 10 weeks (2 hour class)

Class size: 3 Students max

Start Date :Spring term (Jan) & Autumn term (Sept)

Course Tutor : Joe Laird (wood turning professional)

Level : Level 2

Who should apply : Woodturning enthusiasts, over 16, that have completed our level 1 course or equivalent 

How to apply : Phone or email us today

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